A Message from the GVHMC 

We are sure you are aware the Government announced on Monday 12th July, 2021 the easing of all limits surrounding Covid-19. We are sure that you are both happy about getting missed freedoms back, but also apprehensive about what this means for you and your visits to The Village Hall.  
We at The Village Hall cannot wait to see more of our much-missed customers back into the building, but we know that we all have to play our part in keeping everyone as safe as possible.  
We have been watching and listening to the information and listening to our audiences, and the team are putting into place methods to ensure that you, our valued customers feel safe when at The Village Hall. 
We want to make sure that The Village Hall reopens as fully as practicable whilst making sure that you, our volunteers, and staff are kept as safe as possible. Therefore, I am asking for everyone to help us to help you by observing our recommendations for the easing of Covid-19 restrictions. Please be patient with staff and the volunteers who help us out daily at The Village Hall. We are all still getting to grips with the new ways of dealing and learning to live with this virus. If you feel uncomfortable about something, please let us know so that we can make you feel comfortable. Everyone has been working hard over the last few months and now we are testing our mettle as we all move into the next phase. 
Thank you. 
Martin Stockdale 

Chair GVHMC 

From Monday 19th July 2021 

Although there will not be any legal requirement for people to wear a face covering, we are asking our staff and volunteers to continue wearing them, especially as they move about the building. We would very much like you to continue wearing a face covering when attending The Village Hall. 
If you have the  NHS Track and Trace app  on your smartphone, we are asking you to still “check in” to The Village Hall on each visit. If you do not have the NHS app then there is always the option of signing in at the entrance. Again, this is only a request but we welcome your cooperation. 
We want to be able to seat as many people in the MAIN HALL as possible, but we also know that some space will be needed to make sure people are safe and comfortable. Therefore, we shall ensure that a seat is left between parties of people.  
Good ventilation is key in helping to reduce the spread of Covid-19. To ensure this doors and windows are kept open throughout the day, before and during all activities. 
We have got wall mounted hand sanitizing stations located around the building and these will remain. We will be asking everyone to continue using these. 
We will continue with our rigorous cleaning programme ensuring that before, during and after The Village Hall has been used, we will clean down areas ensuring they have been left clean and sanitized. 
We never liked the term “Social Distancing” because we like being sociable. Although there is no legal requirement to keep away from each other anymore, we will ask people to keep a distance when queuing up for the bar. 
Protective screens will be retained for the protection of our customers and volunteers. 
Our Staff and Volunteers have been taking lateral flow testing twice a week. We will continue to do this for the safety of everyone.  
We have signs around the building informing you of the measures we are taking to ensure your safety and that The Village Hall can stay open. Please read and take note of the signs.  
Please continue to use card payment where possible and of course if you feel unwell or have symptoms of Covid-19 we ask that you stay at home.   

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